Thermal Modelling

For the layman, it comes as quite a revelation, once involved in making what seems a relatively simple decision to create a building, to appreciate what actually follows as a consequence! Just one of those consequences is the requirement for a Thermal Modelling Report, also in regard to Building Regulations. Solar shading, natural ventilation,thermal properties and insulation are key issues in the design of a building and it is essential to be able to assess the effect of these at an early stage of a project. We engaged Greengauge Building Energy Consultants to provide this report, which we have just received. The ideal was for us to achieve Passivhause standard for both buildings, but as the report points out, although achievable for the Weavery, would be difficult for the Pottery due to the building’s orientation and the shading from the trees / bank to the south, as well as its kiln use.

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