Inside Out!

At our latest design meeting we focused on the internal fittings of the two buildings (inside!) and also the concept drawing of the landscaping (outside!) drawn by our Estate Manager. CaSA architects invited us into the buildings via Google sketchup, which gives a 3D experience of actually being inside and moving around…. exciting! In that way we were able to “play” with cupboards, doors, shelves, tables, kitchen fittings etc involving their size, placement and inclusion. In some ways we know the buildings intimately even before they are built! From being flat on paper they spring into life!

We all are aware of how critical the landscaping is in terms of complimenting and enhancing the buildings themselves and creating a natural and aesthetic environment that all can enjoy. We are at the first stages but paths, planting, lighting and water features are all  inherent elements.

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One Response to Inside Out!

  1. Meher Salman says:

    How exciting! Raana is here with me and has read the latest news- she can’t wait for all the work to be completed!!


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