Moving Forward…!

What a winter! Watching the builders on site from a cosy warm office convinced me that I would not survive the rigours of such work! Remarkably, not many days were lost but the pottery, not being watertight, was being constantly pumped out. Happy to say, we are now in spring! The Weavery is on course to be completed on time, and will be handed over for us to occupy; work on the Pottery is going well, although remains likely to be some weeks delayed. We have been involved in finalising fixtures and fittings details concerning layout and positioning and choice of sinks, fridges, ovens, taps and general ironmongery.

Paul, our estate manager, drew up our initial proposals for landscaping and we have recently revisited the plan, making amendments to the position of paths and the siting of the water feature. Very soon we will work with the builders in setting the levels around the site ready for the paths to be laid.

Owing to the development of our new Woodwork workshop adjacent to the Weavery and Pottery site, a new electricity supply was required as the extra demand that it would create would not be met by current provision. A new sub station has been constructed to distribute power from an underground cable linked to a supply on the corner of the grounds. The practical and legal formalities involved in arranging all that is required from the electricity supplier have been, to say the least, time consuming! However, we are now moving ahead; cable laying at the end of April and “energising” by the end of May!

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