Dell House Development

A large extension and extensive refurbishment of Dell House was completed in 2007, which created a separate flat, enlarged kitchen and dining room, washroom, office and six bedrooms, one of which has disabled facilities.

The building work was undertaken by our “in-house” team.

HPIM0698 HPIM0697 HPIM0696 HPIM0695 HPIM0693 HPIM0694 HPIM0692 HPIM0685 HPIM0686 HPIM0687 HPIM0688 HPIM0689 HPIM0690 HPIM0691 HPIM0684 HPIM0683 HPIM0682 HPIM0681 HPIM0680 HPIM0679 HPIM0678 HPIM0677 HPIM0676 HPIM0675 HPIM0667 HPIM0668 HPIM0669 HPIM0670 HPIM0671 HPIM0672 HPIM0673 HPIM0674 HPIM0666 HPIM0665 HPIM0664 HPIM0663 HPIM0662 HPIM0661 HPIM0660 HPIM0659 HPIM0652 HPIM0653 HPIM0654 HPIM0655 HPIM0657 HPIM0658 HPIM0649 HPIM0641 HPIM0642 HPIM0643 HPIM0644 HPIM0645 HPIM0646 HPIM0647 HPIM0648 HPIM0640 HPIM0639 HPIM0638 HPIM0637 HPIM0636 HPIM0635 HPIM0634 HPIM0633 HPIM0625 HPIM0626 HPIM0627 HPIM0628 HPIM0629 HPIM0632 HPIM0624 HPIM0623 HPIM0630 HPIM0631 HPIM0622 HPIM0620 HPIM0619 HPIM0618 HPIM0617 HPIM0616 HPIM0614 HPIM0608 HPIM0608-1 HPIM0609 HPIM0610 HPIM0611 HPIM0612

Dell House

Dell House



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